Often times we need to find a key that unlocks our understanding.  This key is like finding an equation math or theory in science that explains observable data.  The data may seem random until the equation or theory explains everything.  When the formula is discovered then understanding is achieved.

Since my last blog entry the world has experienced many political events.  Donald Trump has been elected the next President of the United States. Few predicted this.  Theories abound as to what happened and why.   Something seems to be going on, but what is it?

An article I read yesterday by Jonathan Cahn offers the best “formula” to understand what happened and why.  The answer lies not in the politics of the day.  It is not about the opinions offered in the media — the left vs. the right; the weakness in Clinton’s campaign strategy; the Wikileaks release of the DNC inside information regarding Leon Panetta’s private emails; the FBI Director’s handling of the Clinton Foundation; a populist uprising against 8 years of President Obama’s policies, etc.  Those are insufficient “formulas” to explain the data, especially for those of us who have a biblical worldview.

You can read Jonathan Cahn’s article in full here.  The essence of his argument is that we are seeing the outworking of God’s covenant with Israel in Genesis 12.  His depth of analysis is captivating.  This  is nonsense to the non-Christian, or the Christian with a weak biblical worldview, or the strong Christian with little or no revelation of the mystery of Israel.  However, truth is truth.  The question is not whether one likes the proposed “formula” or “theory” but whether they offer the only correct answer to the data.  Read the article and decide for yourself.  Allow me to give a brief summary of Cahn’s main points.

Our focus of God’s covenant with Abraham in Genesis 12 can be found in verse 3:  “I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you; and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”  The first occurrence of the word curse is the Hebrew word that means curse in the way we think about it.  The second occurrence is another Hebrew word, which means to despise, revile, or humiliate.  This verse states there will a reciprocity for a nation’s treatment of Israel and the Jewish people.  If you bless them, God will bless you.  If you demean them, God will curse you.

Cain’s arcticle gives a history of the way the Obama administration has, in one way or another, despised, reviled, or humiliated Israel or its PM, Benjamin Netanyahu. The one I find most interesting is an analysis of the way the US administration tried to influence the 2016 Israeli elections.  The administration sent taxpayer money on a campaign to oust Netanyahu and a US campaign team was sent to Israel to advise Netanyahu’s opponents.  In trying to oust the Israeli PM, Cahn writes that Obama was attempting to bring his policies to an end and his legacy nullified.

This in fact is what is now going to happen to President Barak Obama.  Because so many of his programs were implemented through presidential executive orders and Executive Branch policies, they can and will be overturned by President Trump and the Republican Congress.  If Hillary Clinton had been elected, those policies would have remained.  Here we see reciprocity in action.  As the US President tried to do to Israel, God has in turn, done to him.

I am afraid there may be one more shoe yet to drop.  Recently the US allowed a UN Security Council resolution to pass against Israeli settlements.  The vote passed the Security Council 14-0, with one abstention, the US.  I won’t go into the details of this resolution, but many say it is the most significant US rebuke of Israel in decades.  It will energize Israel’s enemies to try to force her to give up land, even Jerusalem, to appease the world.  Across all political parties in Israel (except for the Arab unity party) this action has been condemned.  The resolution says that even the Western Wall is being “illegally occupied” by Israel.  The world’s view of Jerusalem and the Bible’s view are in direct opposition.  The bible is full of warnings for anyone or any nation who tries to take land, most especially Jerusalem.  The reciprocity that may be coming for this action could come soon and be severe.  Let us pray.

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