It has been quite a few weeks since I have written a blog.  I have been busy in the background writing my second book.  It will be called “Imitate Paul,” with the subtitle, “Five Keys From The Apostle for Every Church Planter, Leader, and Believer.”

Two years ago I was given a very clear word from God to begin writing.   As a result I started this blog and began to write.  But I sensed that there would be more.  At about that time I was asked to join our pastor and assist  in leading and teaching the Church Planter Course.  This is a specially designed course for those who sense God is calling them to plant churches, especially in Mexico.  God began to lay on my heart a series of teachings to prepare them for this work of the ministry.  The result is the book — “Imitate Paul.”

Tackling a project like this is quite a challenge.  In addition to the writing itself, there is much to learn about how to publish a book.  Right now I am at the stage of a finished copy of the material itself and am soliciting a few selected people to read the book and give me comments and feedback.  I hope to incorporate changes and improve the book in the next month or so.  Following that I will face the challenge of self-publishing on Amazon and Kindle.

The times we are in could be described as many things — crazy comes to mind as I write.  From the US political scene, to the war radical Islam is waging on the West, to the total change in social morals we are seeing imposed up us.  Christians and the values we hold dear are under an all out assault.  I believe we will see a drastic uptick in persecution, to where we will be able to identify with the Jews and the assault on them through anti-Semitism.

It is time for followers of Jesus to return to the ancient paths. (Jer. 18:15)  To return to the ways our early church brothers and sisters lived — full of faith, strong in the love and grace of Jesus, enduring trials with joy and victory.  This is the way Paul lived.  The great Apostle Paul is an amazing example to follow.

In 1 Corinthians 4:16, Pauls says “Therefore I urge you, imitate me.”  Frankly, I have never seen a book or heard a message with this theme.  There are rich treasures in studying the life of Paul.  In my book I will discuss five keys to Paul’s life that are relevant, necessary, and powerful for each of us today.

In this blog I will be sharing some of the material from the book.  It is my heart’s desire that it will be used mightily to take our lives as believers to a higher level.

Stay tuned.


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